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Expert Shade Solutions for Your Home in Spain

Smart Capota Awnings in Benissa Costa

Capota Awnings in Graphite Grey Acrylic Canvas


Capota Awnings can look really smart!

We fitted these Graphite Grey capotas with matching black frames and detailing for a more modern finish.

Too often the more traditional looking Capota Awnings can look a bit old-fashioned! This can be exacerbated by the use of heavily striped canvas.

Black Grey Capota Awnings matched to Curtains

Here we have chosen plain Acrylic Canvas in Graphite Grey using Aluminium framework in a black factory lacquered finish. This is a reflection of the styling of the living room keeping the same Colourway when looking outside.


For properties which have curved walls the Curved Capota Awnings are one of the most effective ways of shading windows. Alternatively we can fit vertical blinds with curved rails as interior blinds or we can fit extendible arms Awnings using custom made brackets to support the awning from the curved wall.

Curved Wall Capotas _ San Jaime Golf


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