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Expert Shade Solutions for Your Home in Spain

Polyscreen Roller Blinds in Modern Javea Villa

This newly constructed villa in Javea shows how Polyscreen Roller Blinds can be the perfect solution for living areas where shade is required?but the views needn’t?be restricted.

We offer many different kinds of Polyscreen Roller Blinds with fabric that varies in weight as well tightness of weave that are suited to different kinds of rooms and requirements.

In this particular instance the factor of openness (weave) is 5 % which allows ambient light into the room even when all of the blinds are down.?At the same time this “openness” gives the semi-transparent nature and allows us to see outside through the blinds, great for maintaining views and giving an open feeling to the room.

NOTE: for bedrooms we recommend either blackout fabrics or the tightest weave (1%) polyscreens, to ensure privacy at night.

Polyscreen also benefits from being highly UV stable with far better performance compared to?conventional fabrics. This makes it the ideal fabric for windows that don’t have shutters or are in full sun most of the time. Polyscreen blinds can be left down to protect furniture, for example when a property is left vacant for extended periods.

We also offer various other blinds that benefit from the use of Polyscreen: Vertical Blinds and Panel Blinds (Japanese Panels)


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