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Expert Shade Solutions for Your Home in Spain

ANTI-MOSQUITO blinds are an essential addition to all regularly opened windows and patio doors especially for use during the warmer months when we need a breeze through the house but without the insects.

Standard ROLLER MOSQUITO BLINDS will suit most window applications.? Cased in discreet white lacquered aluminium housing they work like a spring-loaded roller blind. The fabric slides through bristled guides on both sides and the bottom bar simply clips in once fully down.

Casings and guides can be ordered in various finishes including silver, bronze, brown, burgundy, cream, black, dark green as well as wood-effects to match your windows wherever possible. Any standard RAL colour is also available to special order.

For DOORWAYS and PATIO DOORS there are several options available:

Standard Roller Mosquito Blinds can be used either horizontally or vertically (i.e. pulled across rather than down). The “vertical” version is available with a convenient magnetic strip which engages when closed making it faster to operate.

PLEATED MOSQUITO BLINDS offer a more sophisticated alternative which are more convenient to use for repeated access particularly as they can be pulled part way across (standard roller mosquito blinds are either open or closed). An integral “caterpillar track” is cleverly housed within the frame and is drawn out as the pleated blind is pulled across. Magnetic strips are used to hold the blind fully across once closed.

Fixed Panel Mosquito Blinds are also available to fit in areas where other options are not viable, for example windows fitted within an arch – in this case the frame can be curved to match.

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