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Expert Shade Solutions for Your Home in Spain

The benefits of AUTOMATION for your Awnings or?Blinds go far beyond the obvious increased EASE OF USE!

MULTIPLE AWNINGS or BLINDS: ?Control several awnings or blinds at the same time using a Multi-Channel Remote Control.

PERFECT POSITIONING: ?Preprogrammed limits for open and closed positions of your awnings or blinds ensuring correct?operation every time: avoiding any damage that could potentially arise from neglectful?manual operation. This is a?useful?note for owners of?properties used as??holiday lets.

PROTECTION: ? Wind or Motion Sensors will automatically retract your awning(s) before they suffer potential damage from adverse weather.

AVOID HEAVY MANUAL OPERATION: ?Large extendible arms awnings can be quite heavy work to wind back in so why not save yourself the effort entirely by using automation.


NOTE: motors are highly recommended for awnings with extensions >250cm or widths >5,0 metres

Automation Products:

  • Motors: power ratings specific to the product
  • Remote controls: either single or multiple channels
  • Wall mounted remote control: a “wall switch” with?no cabling ?required
  • Wind Sensors: adjustable in sensitivity
  • Motion Sensors: neat solution with?no cabling required
  • Smartphone or Tablet control using Somfy myLink App

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Automation (Motors and Control)
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5 year guarantee on all Motors
Note we only supply motors from leading manufacturers such as Somfy and Cherubini