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Expert Shade Solutions for Your Home in Spain

Do you live in an exposed, WINDY or BREEZY location?

Extendible Arm awnings are by their nature vulnerable in HIGH WINDS, depending of course on their size and extension and Awning Stabiliser Bars (pairs) provide a very cost-effective protection system.

Two different kinds of bars are supplied, both of which can be RETRO-FITTED to most kinds of extendible arm awning.? The exception being some of the “Fully Boxed” awnings where insufficient space is available for fixings within the casing.? Both bar types are EASILY LOCATED/REMOVED within seconds.

Telescopic Stabiliser Bars:

  • adjustable aluminium pole system which allows for any future re-adjustment of the awning’s angle of inclination
  • lower floor fixing is shallow dome shaped and relatively unobtrusive
  • fast and straight forward “twist to lock” system

Fixed-Length Stabiliser Bars:

  • heavy duty white lacquered extruded aluminium bars cut on site to a specific length (after awning adjustments)
  • heavy duty “spring loaded bolt”upper and lower fixings
  • lower floor fixing: approx. 3cm tall by 5cm square – needs to be carefully placed to avoid any trip hazard
  • fast and straight forward to fit and remove the bars

If you are opting for a motorised version of your awning then the simple addition of a WIND SENSOR can provide peace of mind. The Wind Sensor will automatically retract the awning once a preset wind speed is exceeded. Note that a motor system with wind sensor can normally be RETRO-FITTED to your existing awning.

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