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Expert Shade Solutions for Your Home in Spain

Javea Drop Roller Awnings

These Drop Roller Awnings were installed for a client in Javea to allow them to make more use of their covered terrace.

They chose?to leave the terrace open and not have it glazed in so they could still use it as originally intended during the summer months i.e. fully open with the drop roller awnings wound up out of the way.

By adding Drop Roller Awnings on both sides the terrace has become far more useable in the winter and when the weather is windy and cooler.

The protection provided by the awnings?allows them to leave out furniture on the terrace that they would otherwise have had to remove or cover up during the winter.

The Drop Roller Awnings are easily clipped into the floor and the winder mechanism subsequently used to tighten up the fabric.


Windows can be added to allow more light into the area.

A “skirt” or valance can be fitted to the bottom beam of the blind and thus provide even more protection (not installed in this instance)

NOTE: these Awnings work well in situations where they are wound down for extended periods of time.?They are quite slow to wind up and down due to the low geared mechanism. Of course they can also be motorised.

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