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Expert Shade Solutions for Your Home in Spain

Big on STYLE and FUNCTIONALITY, real wooden venetian blinds can add a touch of class to any room…

Orientate louvres up and down to for just the right amount of Ambient Light into the room.

Our high quality wooden venetian blinds are made from either Basswood or Real Cedar and Abachi for the maximum combination of Style and Durability.

Order your blinds with either cord or combine “fabric tape” colours with wood finishes Great Effect.

All our wooden venetian blinds include matching? pelmets to cover the mechanism case adding to that Finished Look.


  • 35mm,?45mm(cedar/abachi), 50mm and 70mm louvres available
  • corded or “fabric tape” mechanism
  • over 30 different finishes including Black, White and Cream
  • maximum width 240cm
  • maximum drop 350cm
  • secure wall or ceiling mounting


  • cable-guide system
  • fabric tape mechanism: any colour combination of tape/wood finish
  • single pelmet for various blinds
  • motor system
  • colour combinations (2 x colours)
  • cutouts i.e. a lower portion of the blind removed to avoid an obstruction

Prices from ?135 inc IVA


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