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Expert Shade Solutions for Your Home in Spain

Stylish and functional, our aluminium venetian blinds come in a wide range of modern colours – a great option for kitchens and studies…

Versatile and often the most Economic Solution for small windows, venetian blinds can be graduated to provide as much light or privacy as you need with a simple twist of the handle.

Choose from sleek 16mm, 25mm or traditional 50mm louvres which work well on large windows

Cable-guided venetian blinds can be particularly effective when fitted in the recesses of aluminium glass doors or drop down windows since the blind stays fixed in place even as the door/window is moved or tilted.


  • 16mm, 25mm (1 inch) and 50mm aluminium louvres/slats
  • corded mechanism as standard
  • over 150 different colours in finishes including glossy, satin, marble, wood effect, pearlescent, metallics etc..
  • maximum width 300cm (25mm/50mm) or 250cm (16mm)
  • maximum drop 350cm (50mm) or 300cm (25mm/16mm)
  • secure wall or ceiling mounting


  • cable-guide system or simpler bottom bar retention
  • fabric tape mechanism (only on 50mm blinds): any colour combination of tape/aluminium
  • operation by chain or manual winder
  • motor system
  • colour combinations (2 x colours)
  • cutouts i.e. a lower portion of the blind removed to avoid an obstruction

Prices from ?38 inc IVA

For EXTERIOR-USE,? specialised wind-stable WAREMA blinds are available…? ask us for further details

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