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Expert Shade Solutions for Your Home in Spain

Extend the use of your Conservatory with Skylight Blinds fitted to the roof at any angle…..

The perfect solution for adapting your room to the seasons, controlling the warmth of sunlight when you need it and filtering sunlight with subtle shades of colour.

Skylight blinds are fitted on the inside of glass or polycarbonate roofs.? A special reflective backing helps to REDUCE INCOMING HEAT and glare.

Using plastic coated tensed steel cables that are barely visible, the LIGHTWEIGHT Pleated Skylight Blinds can be installed at any angle and neatly fold away to a COMPACT SIZE.


  • 25 mm depth
  • cable-guided as standard
  • telescopic baton operation
  • over 50 different textures and colours
  • available in Standard, Reflective and Blackout fabrics


  • shaped blinds (some portions are fixed) e.g. Triangular
  • double blinds (blind in 2 sections e.g. Night time and Daytime in one blind)
  • colour combinations (2 x colours)
  • motor system

Prices from ?97 inc IVA

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