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Expert Shade Solutions for Your Home in Spain

Compact and simple to operate…

Roller Blinds come in the most extensive range of fabrics from neutral tones to vibrant colours.

The simplest of all blind types and one of the most effective for providing complete Shade, Protection and Privacy.

Available in extra large dimensions and able to be fully automated our Roller Blinds can even be used to give year round protection as a substitute for shutters.

Taking up little space Roller Blinds can provide a neat solution for kitchen and bathroom windows especially when using PolyScreen fabric which can be easily cleaned even using mild detergents.

Choose the fabric for your specific needs, for example ‘blackout’ for a bedroom with no shutters.

Opt for Night and Day Vision Blinds to add extra privacy only when you need it.

Experience the fantastic benefits of PolyScreen fabrics: ultra resistant to fading or degradation in UV, efficient heat trapping, semitransparent for a more “airy” feel as well as easily washable.

Add to the clean lines of the blind with a co-ordinating upholstered or textured or aluminium Pelmet.


  • robust chain operation as standard (plastic or stainless steel)
  • secure wall or ceiling mounting
  • over 200 different textures and colours
  • available in standard polyester, fibre glass, reflective, polyscreen and blackout fabrics


  • cable-guide systems
  • boxed (aluminium casing) versions available on most products
  • manual winder system (instead of chain), also detachable winder handles
  • motor systems (remote control, wall switch or Domotik Intelligent control)
  • metallic/decorative chain weights

Options available to allow installation in EXTERIOR situations e.g. for the protection of windows on the outside of windows within a recess.

Large sizes available: up to 475cm width

Prices from ?44 inc IVA

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