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Expert Shade Solutions for Your Home in Spain

For filtered AMBIENT LIGHT pleated blinds offer a ‘softer’ alternative to venetians…

Pleated blinds filter the incoming light providing a warming or cooling effect depending on
colour and fabric choice.

Easy to operate by cord, pleated blinds retract to a compact size.

Also available ‘triangular’ or ‘arc’ shaped and with cable guides for INCLINED WINDOWS


  • 25 mm depth
  • cord mechanism or push tab system
  • over 50 different textures and colours
  • available in Standard, Reflective and Blackout fabrics


  • shaped blinds (some portions are fixed) e.g. Triangular
  • cable-guided blinds for INCLINED WINDOWS
  • chain operation
  • double blinds (blind in 2 sections e.g. Night time and Daytime in one blind)
  • motor system
  • colour combinations (2 x colours)

Prices from ?77 inc IVA

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