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Expert Shade Solutions for Your Home in Spain

Panel Blinds or “Japanese” Blinds look great with Patio Doors and floor length windows…

Choose from a great selection of Modern Fabrics, Natural Fibres or highly durable Polyscreens and other technical fabrics.

The “standard” Panel System uses a “multi-slot” track operated by a pull chord which pulls across all the panels behind either one or two fixed front panels.? This system is perfect for floor to ceiling fitting and also where several “layers” of panels are required (up to 5-way tracks available)

All the panels can stack either to just one side or both left and right depending on the window format and the wall space available.

You can also choose the number and size of panels and the direction in which they operate.

Add a sleek upholstered Pelmet in a contrasting fabric to add the finishing touch.

Alternatively our Pole-Based Systems offer a more decorative finish. Ideal for where the panels do not fully reach the ceiling. In this case a pull rod is attached to each panel.


  • chord or pull rod operation
  • secure wall or ceiling mounting
  • maximum rail width 600cm
  • maximum drop 325cm
  • 100’s of fabrics to choose from
  • available in cottons, hessians, standard polyester, fibre glass, reflective, polyscreen and blackout fabrics


  • pelmet: many different finishes and 100’s of fabrics available for upholstered pelmets
  • motor systems
  • metallic/decorative chain weight

Amazing Fabrics available from our partner Lotus Home Styling

Prices from ?177 inc IVA


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