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Expert Shade Solutions for Your Home in Spain

Standard? Awnings with extendible arms are one of our most popular products…

…providing one of the most cost effective ways to give LONG LASTING shade for your terrace.

Suitable for most situations the extendible arms standard

awnings can be wall or ceiling mounted or even attached to a wooden pergola.

Many different models available depending on size, mounting situation and wind exposure.

Adjustable angle of inclination and integral valance allows maximum shade to be acheived whilst maintaining sufficient height.


  • Heavy duty factory lacquered aluminium
  • “Tenara” stitching (15 year guarantee) on all canvases
  • Max. recommended Width 5,0 metres*
  • Max. Extension 360cm*
  • Acrylic Canvas, PVC and specialist fabrics
  • Valance included (straight or scalloped)
  • Adjustable angle of inclination
  • Manual wind system included

*Other models available for LARGER DIMENSIONS, consult us for more information.

Monoblock awnings available for extra large widths or where multiple centralised brackets are required – see image.


  • Wind stabiliser bars
  • Motor system and wind sensor
  • Fabric protection: see products “Half Box” and “Fully Boxed”
  • Metalwork Colour (factory finished Qualicoat finish available in any colour)

Standard extendible arms awnings from ?401-00 including IVA

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Standard Awnings
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10 Year Installation Guarantee
"Tenara" stitching 15 year guarantee on all sewn Awning Canvases
10 Year Guarantee for Sauleda Acrylic Canvases
5 Year Guarantee on all other Awning Fabrics
Motor Systems for all automated products: 5 Year Guarantee
Polyscreen: 5 Year Guarantee
All other products minimum Guarantee 2 Years

excludes damage due to extreme weather, neglect or misuse