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Expert Shade Solutions for Your Home in Spain

For Extra Protection against the elements Drop Roller Awnings allow you to enjoy your outside space all year round…

One of the most cost effective ways to shelter your terrace space from the wind.

The lower beam of the Standard Drop Roller is securely fastened into the floor (or wall) providing a taut “wall” of fabric.

Alternatively the “WITH GUIDES” version offers a better “seal” at the edges of the awning since the fabric runs within the guide so closing the gap, bolts locking the awning once down to the floor. Fitment depending upon wall shape, floor level and your overall requirements.

Since shade is often a secondary consideration these blinds work well with integral TRANSPARENT WINDOWS (rectangular or even arched or circular).

The Drop Roller can also be used to provide additional shade for framed Concertina Awnings especially against the low sun of early morning and late afternoon.

Drop Roller Versions:

  • Standard:? no box or arms
  • Boxed:? fully cased awning, recommended for exposed situations
  • With Guides:? fabric runs inside a guide at each edge; bolts fix the bottom beam of the awning once down
  • Drop Plus:? short spring loaded arms allow awning to attach to a balcony railing etc..


  • Heavy duty factory lacquered aluminium
  • Max. recommended Width 5,0 metres*
  • Max. recommended Drop 290cm*
  • Low geared Manual Wind System (allows fabric to be tensioned)
  • Acrylic Canvas, PVC and specialist fabrics
  • “Tenara” stitching (15 year guarantee) on all canvases

* LARGER DIMENSIONS are possible


  • Transparent windows (rectangular or arched)
  • Skirt/Valance
  • Side guide and Cable guide versions
  • Motor system and remote control (or wall switch) from ?227 inc IVA
  • Fabric protection: Full Box and Half Box versions
  • Metalwork Colour (factory finished Qualicoat finish available in any colour)

Standard Drop Roller Awnings (no box) from ?246-00 inc IVA

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10 Year Installation Guarantee
"Tenara" stitching 15 year guarantee on all sewn Awning Canvases
10 Year Guarantee for Sauleda Acrylic Canvases
5 Year Guarantee on all other Awning Fabrics (transparent plastic 2 years)
Motor Systems for all automated products: 5 Year Guarantee
Polyscreen: 5 Year Guarantee
All other products minimum Guarantee 2 Years

excludes damage due to extreme weather, neglect or misuse