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Expert Shade Solutions for Your Home in Spain

MAXIMIZE the use of your outside terraces with our huge range of Commercial Awnings

Or Reduce Glare in your office or shop using our Interior Blinds.

Specific solutions for Sun, Wind and Rain protection for you and your clients in outdoor environments.

Large dimension Awnings are available for most situations.? Choose from standard breathable canvas through to waterproof PVC and a host of other specialist fabrics (Soltis products) suitable for the higher demands of commercial applications.

We can print your logo or other marketing information onto most awning and fabric types.

Subject to study and quotation.

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Commercial Awnings
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10 Year Installation Guarantee
"Tenara" stitching 15 year guarantee on all sewn Awning Canvases
10 Year Guarantee for Sauleda Acrylic Canvases
5 Year Guarantee on all other Awning Fabrics
Motor Systems for all automated products: 5 Year Guarantee
Polyscreen: 5 Year Guarantee
All other products minimum Guarantee 2 Years

excludes damage due to extreme weather, neglect or misuse